Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mighty "Pickers" Soccer

Liberty is in Mighty Kickers Soccer at our YMCA. This is her second game. She has so much fun. It should however, for Liberty's purposes be named "Mighty Pickers Soccer". The field they play on is covered with dandilions and Liberty just loves to pick them. She gives them to the coaches and the other player as well as strangers standing on the sidelines (if you look closely you can see one in her left hand). She is such a sweetie! We are so proud of our "Mighty Picker"!

Friday, April 27, 2007

How the Time Flies!

This picture was taken today, April 27th 2007.

This picture was taken one year ago, April 27th 2006.
They weren't kidding when they say that kids grow up way too fast!

Welcome to the Hernandez family website. We have really enjoyed being able to peek in on our friends and family's lives through their sites, so we wanted to make one for our constantly changing family. Our little girls are growing so fast, and with little Spencer coming in about a month, we are going to have plenty to say! We'll keep you all posted!

Our Little Maddy is growing by leaps and bounds! She LOVES going up and down the stairs and is communicating more and more everyday. She lights up our lives!
Liberty is an energetic and smart little girl! She
keeps us laughing at every turn with the things
she says and does. She is her little sisters best friend. We are so proud of our little girl!