Sunday, May 16, 2010

Libby Lou

Liberty turned 6 on
March 4th
I know that was 2 1/2 months ago
but we have had a lot going on
so here is her "un-birthday" post.

For those who may not know her
Liberty is Amazing!
She has always
and acted
beyond her years.
She is heads and shoulders above her peers
she has a huge vocabulary
and she understands fairly complex ideas.
She is incredibly thoughtful
She has such a fun loving spirit
She is always running around
looking for something to entertain her.

She is our little actress too
She usually tells you things as if
she is performing for the audience
often looking at "the audience"
rather than you
for effect.
I have a hard time getting candid pictures of her
because she poses the second she sees the camera.
We always knew she loved to dance
Since she was very young she had a way of
interpreting the music through the way she moved
This year we found out that she really has a talent
She is in Ballet and Tap and she is a naturalShe is an amazing help to me around the house
especially with Brett gone
it would definitely be a lot harder
without her help.
She is an amazing big sister
just ask her little sister and brothers
They want to go everywhere she goes
and do everything she does
It annoys her sometimes
but most times she is happy to be their friend.
I am so thankful for my
not-so-little-anymore girl
We tried so hard to get her here
and I have been grateful to have her
since the moment she finally came.
Happy 6th (un)birthday
Our sweet Liberty.