Saturday, August 29, 2009

We Love Colorado, but......

Since moving to Colorado we have enjoyed the beauty of this area;
We really LOVE it.
we have also encountered a few nasty things.
The Rattle Snake, the Copperhead...
They weren't as bad because they were far from our home.
However, we have made a new little friend closer to home;
IN our home in fact.
Meet our friend the Black Widow:

Unfortunately, our friend had an untimely passing.
I would say he will be missed, but.....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Liberty's first day of Kindergarten

Liberty started kindergarten today at STAR Academy, a charter school here in Colorado Springs. We are very excited that she got a spot. It seems to be a very good school, and she is able to go all day instead of half, which we feel she is so ready for.

Here she is, all ready for her first day of Kindergarten!
(They have a uniform, which I LOVE - no worrying about what to wear!)

Liberty ready for her first official Father's Blessing before the school year; a tradition I loved growing up and am so happy to be able to carry on with my kids with my wonderful husband! What a great Dad!

In the Kindergarten room! Looks like fun!

She was SOO excited to go! We know she is going to do so great! She is so bright and talented! We are so proud of our Libby-Lou!
Just a little side note....look at this picture of Libby from September 2007, Libby's first day of preschool....I can't believe how she has grown! (and coincidentally she is wearing the same outfit)