Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Spence The Fence

This is a recent picture of our adorable little guy! He's such a happy boy! We love him. He turned 4 months old the day after this photo was taken - he's growing up so fast!

Finally - a Positive Diagnosis!

We finally have a positive diagnosis for what is going on in my head. After having another CT scan and talking with the head of neurosurgery at UNMC, we have determined that I have what is called a Chiari 1 Malformation. It is a condition that I was born with and is where there is not enough room for my cerebellum and the cerebellum tonsils are forced down into my spinal collum. The doctor's hypothesis is that during pregnancy with all of the shifts in fluid that happen in the body, the cerebellum tonsils blocked off the fluid flow completely in my spinal collum causing hydrocephalus. If anyone wants to read more about it - here is a link. http://www.neurosurgerytoday.org/what/patient_e/chiari2.asp
It is geared toward parents who have been told their children have a Chiari Malformation, but is completely applicable in my situation and explains it all. I am happy to finally know for sure what is going on in my head!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Liberty's First Day of Preschool

Liberty started preschool yesterday! She loved it and did not want to go home when I came to pick her up. She has been talking about it for weeks! She was a little dissapointed that her teacher "didn't teach [her] about letters on the chalboard" but she did like that they learned about "music and animals". She has an exciting year ahead of her!

Liberty enjoying every last minute she could of her first day of preschool. Just before we left she said goodbye to the boy in the orange shirt and tried to give him a kiss! :)