Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday and Funny Hats

My Baby is 1!
Our baby jack turned 1 year old on January 13

He is getting so big so fast!
Fastest cake I ever frosted! And the coconut tasted so good!

He had so much fun. Here's the before picture.


And afterOpening presents

We went and got his 1 year pictures done at the Picture People (love them)
and he was so stinkin' cute that they had us sign a release
so they could use his pictures as a model for the store!Pretty cool.

We love our Baby Jack. It is hard to believe that more than a year has gone by since he joined our family. He has the amazing ability to make everyone in our family happy in even the grumpiest of situations. It was quite a surprise to find out that number 4 was on the way when our oldest had barely turned 4, but he could not have come at a better time. He has made my trials easier and the burden I feel sometimes as Brett is gone lighter. I'm not sure where the blond hair and blue eyes (greener every day) came from, but they melt my heart in a second. I love your kisses, however wet they may be; the way you love your little stuffed puppy and reflexively stop and cuddle with anything soft; the way you take anything and turn it into a car and push it along the floor. Thank you, Jack, for coming into our family when you did. Our family is completed by you. I love you with all the love a mother can have. My sweet Baby Jack.

Funny Hats
When we went to the mall to get Jack's pictures done we went to a toy store and tried on funny hats.

When I saw this one, I thought I would just have her try it on because it was so crazy, but it so fit her personality that I couldn't pass it up.