Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What have we been up to?
It has been about 7 months since our last post. As you could assume, a whole lot has happened in our lives since then. Madison was diagnosed with Autism, Liberty finished her first year of preschool and started primary, Brett graduated from college, and I was called as primary chorister! We also took a vacation with my family to Tennessee. We have been pretty busy, so I thought I would take a little time to update.
Here's Spencer learning how to crawl. He started crawling March 1st.
Here's Liberty on her 4th Birthday. I can't believe 4 years have passed since we became parents! She is growing so fast. Just the other day she reassured me about something. She said "Mom, don't worry; 4 year olds lie, but 5 year olds don't lie." Thank you Libby - I guess we just have to survive it for 1 more year.

I'm just wondering - Do they come any cuter than this?

I think the reason I love this picture so much is because it's a picture of Maddy just being a kid. She doesn't have a distant look in her eyes, she's not spinning around or rubbing her lips with her finger; she's just being a 2 year old kid. She is amazing us every day. She can do SOO much for someone with her condition. What a wonderful gift these moments where she is just being a kid are. I cherish every one of them.

Our little Maddy LOVES to swing!
And our little Spence loves to be cute.

And our little Libby loves animals!

And we all love Brett to graduate from college!
So there you have it. A very brief veiw of the last 7 months. We are so blessed. Our lives are never boring and we never seem so stand still for very long. We love it!