Tuesday, July 28, 2009

America the Beautiful Park

We recently went to a new park here in Colorado Springs (there are so many of them) and have a very fun day there. There was a super sweet playground and a cool fountain. We had so much fun! The Park was named after the song written by Katharine Lee Bates, who was inspired by Colorado Springs and the nearby mountains to write this beautiful anthem.

Amen Katharine. Amen.

Super Cool Dude
There are so many lilies here - I LOVE the colors of this one.

The very cool fountain. It rotated slowly...very cool. We did find out the hard way that you could not go up to it, just around it.

Jumping Libby

Jumping Maddy

This is how we found out you could not go up there.
Libby got in trouble for this picture.

My super "handsome man"

Sweet Baby Jack

Just hanging out

Maddy doing her favorite thing at the park.

Spencer doing his favorite thing at the park.

We recently discovered the Spencer can fly!
One of his many super powers (screaming being another of them)

We can't get the kid on the ground! He just loves to fly!
Our Handsome Man - off to save the world!

I made the kids pose for this, and as you can see - they weren't too into it.

Baby Jack
When I looked at this after I took it, he reminded me sooo much of my big brother Jay.
And as a bonus...new family pic's!
Finally all six of us!
Spencer had to hold the guitar or else he would cry.
Sweet Baby Jack's 6 month old pic's

Spencer's two year old pic's - he was crying in all of them.
(Serious stranger anxiety)

Monday, July 6, 2009


My Little Girl is growing up way too fast.
On Friday she lost her very first tooth
It was the first she got as a baby
and it was the first to go.
This just as my youngest is starting to cut his first tooth.
Ahh, the circle of life.
Anyhow, so July 3rd was the first tooth,
and I looked in her mouth yesterday
to see how it was healing
and I noticed that the permanent teeth below the tooth she lost
AND the one below the one next the tooth she lost
were both pushing through her gums.
The other tooth was really wiggly too
so I decided it needed to come out.
Liberty did not agree.
To say she threw a ROYAL fit is quite an understatement.
After struggling with her for about 15 min's
and trying to get her to let me yank it out of her
mouth with a string
I finally convinced her to let me try to pull it out with
with my fingers and a paper towel.
Here's how the conversation went:
Me: "Liberty, if I am really careful,
can I try to pull it out with my fingers?"
Liberty:"Will you do it soft?"
(start to pull.she pulls away.)
Liberty:"Soft as a cloud?"
Me:"Yes, soft as a cloud."
(start to pull-she pulls away.)
Liberty:"Soft as a Kitten?"
Me:"Yes soft as a kitten."
(start to pull. she pulls away)
Liberty:"Wait Mom, Wait! Soft as a cow!?"
me:trying not to let her see me laugh
"Yes Libby, soft as a cow."
Liberty:"Okay then."
So I start to pull again, only this time I've got a really good grip
and when she throws her head back really hard to get away
her tooth pops out.
As she is looking in the mirror and calming down
I say to her
"You know Liberty - you pulled that tooth.
I just held it and YOU yanked it out."
She looks at me and very matter-of-a-factly says
"I know Mom. That's what you call teamwork."

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I know it may sound a little prideful
but I live in the greatest country in the world.
I have always felt this way.
My husband keeps asking me
"But Honey, wouldn't it be exciting to live in (fill in name of other country here)?"
And my answer is always
"Maybe for a little while, as long as we come back soon."
This country is BEAUTIFUL
I am a little sheltered, so I don't know for sure if there is another country with almost every type of landscape; from Desert to Mountains to Rolling Plains,
but I do know that there is nowhere I would rather live.
Regardless of how I feel about the current Government Administration
the things that make this country great are still in place:
The People
The Freedom
The Liberty
The Brave Men and Women who gave
and are now willing to give EVERYTHING in its defense
(of which I have the great privilage of being married to one)
I thank Heavenly Father every day for letting me be born here,
to raise my children here
and for protecting us all in this great land;
Land that I LOVE!
We have been taking our family picture on the fourth of July ever since Liberty was one.
Here we are in front of our home.

Our four little Americans!

"I'm the first American my parents had, so they named me Liberty!"

"Born to be free!"

"What!?! WHO did you say is President!?!
Even I'm more qualified than him!"

"All American Boy!"