Friday, February 26, 2010

Home, Sweet Home

Brett and I recently moved
I know
We were only in our last house
for 8 months
But Madison was lucky enough to get a spot
in an amazing autism center
and it was a half hour drive from our last house.
I guess it didn't seem like much in theory
but after 6 months of being in the car
for 2 1/2 hours a day
5 days a week
I called Brett and said
"Either we need to move closer
or we have to take her out of therapy."
Well, the clinic she is in is doing
AMAZING things for her
so it was kind of an easy choice for us.
After only 3 days of scouring the area for a
house we could rent
we found our dream house.
It is wonderful.
It's about 4 miles from Madison's autism center
and less than five miles from
anything we could want
Our church
The Mall
We are pretty far from post now but that's alright with us
We both have said in the past couple weeks that
we feel like we belong here.
We have both felt a little unsettled since moving to CO
(we loved FT Carson and our ward and friends and home,
but we just felt out of place)
but now that feeling is gone.
I know that the Lord had a hand in this all, and I am so grateful for all our blessings here.
Madison's therapy, our warm and inviting ward,
the beauty that is surrounding us.
It's good to be home.

Here's the backyard
The kids LOVE it,
and every morning we see deer
(usually big bucks)
walking through
They think that's pretty amazing
I think the snow is really pretty, but
I can't wait until summer to let them loose!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Tonight we had the Elders over for dinner.
There are transfers on Wednesday
and we are moving, so we wanted to say goodbye.
These Elders have renewed my faith
in 19-21 year old boys.
We love them.
Whenever we have the Elders over
I like to make them something nice.
Not just Mac and Cheese, ya know?
So I made broccoli cheddar soup
from scratch
with sourdough bread-bowls
(as it turns out, one of the Elders' mom always made soup
and bread-bowls on Superbowl Sunday growing up. smile)
and chicken wings with a tequila-lime glaze
(no, not actually tequila, I substituted agave nectar)
and Martinelli's to drink
and then we had these.....
Red Velvet Cake Cookies with
Cream Cheese and Vanilla Bean frosting.
From scratch, too.
They were so moist and delicious
I almost shed a tear when we sent the leftovers
home with the Elders.
It's for a good cause though, right?
And those good boys did leave us this
on our bathroom mirror
before they left:

Great Elders
Great Food
Love it!